Hard Money Loans in Irving, TX

Hard Money Lenders in Irving, TX

Hard Money Loans Irving, TX

Are you looking for help with your real estate investment needs? If so, our team is available to help you. At Wildcat Lending, we are proud to be one of the leading providers for property owners and real estate investors in the local area, and we would be happy to help you make your investment dreams come true as well. Take a look at our services below, and reach out to us to schedule an appointment.

What Is a Hard Money Loan?

When you need money quickly, a hard money loan could be right for you. This is an asset-based, short-term loan that is popular among real estate investors who need a way to finance their properties. Instead of having to prove that you have substantial income, you can use assets to secure the loan instead. That way, if your credit score is not perfect or if you are not yet generating a significant amount of income from your property, you can still get the loan you need.

Many people enjoy these loans because they have shorter repayment terms and are easier to get. You can also get to the closing table more quickly, which is perfect when you need to close as quickly as possible. 

Real Estate Investment Loans

At Wildcat Lending, we offer a variety of hard money loan products designed to meet the unique needs of real estate investors in Irving, TX. We understand that everyone is in a slightly different situation, and that is why we offer everything from buy and hold loans to fix and flip loans. We even offer bridge loans when you need financing now.

We understand that you may need a variety of lending options if you want to grow your investment portfolio, and it would be our pleasure to work with you to help you find the perfect option to meet your needs. Count on our team to help you. 

Contact Our Private Money Lenders Today

If you’re a real estate investor in Irving, TX, and are in need of fast, reliable financing, look no further than Wildcat Lending. Our professionals have a tremendous amount of experience working with buyers of all backgrounds, and we would be happy to customize your lending option to meet your needs as well. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and let us help you with all of your real estate investment needs.