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Welcome to Wildcat Lending, your premier hard money lender in Brownsville, Texas! As the leading hard money lender in the area, we specialize in providing real estate investment loans that cater to the unique needs of investors like you. If you’re a real estate enthusiast in Brownsville seeking fast and secure financing, look no further. At Wildcat Lending, we take pride in offering swift and reasonable real estate loans that allow you to close deals promptly on investment properties. Our stress-free loan process ensures you can focus on maximizing profits while we handle the financing. Don’t miss out on exceptional opportunities – apply now and take your real estate ventures to new heights!

What is a Hard Money Loan?

A hard money loan is a specialized type of financing ideal for real estate investors. Unlike traditional lenders, Wildcat Lending provides hard money loans based on the property’s After-Repaired Value (ARV) or As-Is Value, rather than solely relying on income verification. This means that even if you lack a substantial income, you can still secure financing using your existing assets as collateral. Our loan process is designed to be efficient and hassle-free, as we do not require tax returns or employment verifications. With custom metrics, we tailor loan terms to fit your unique financial circumstances, offering flexibility and convenience for your real estate investment endeavors.

Our Loans

At Wildcat Lending, we offer a comprehensive range of loan options to support your real estate investment goals. Our Fix & Flip Loans are ideal for covering both purchase and renovation costs, featuring 12% interest-only payments, a 6-month term with a 3-month auto extension, and up to 95% of total project costs or 70% of ARV, whichever is lesser. For rental property investments, our Rental Property Loans offer interest rates between 9.49% – 10.49%, a 24-month term, and up to 80% Loan-to-Value (LTV) for purchases or 75% LTV for cash-out refinances. If you need flexible financing options, our Wildcat Zero Loan comes with 16% interest-only payments, a 6-month term with auto extension, and up to 85% of total project costs or 70% of ARV. With reasonable approval requirements, including a minimum credit score of 620 and 6 months of liquid reserves, we are here to support your real estate ventures.

Real Estate Investment Loan in Brownsville, TX

Brownsville, TX, is a prime location for real estate investment, and Wildcat Lending is your trusted partner to secure the best real estate investment loan solutions. Whether you’re looking to flip properties, expand your rental portfolio, or embark on new projects, our hard money loans are tailored to meet your specific needs. With our quick turnaround times and stress-free loan process, you can seize lucrative opportunities in this thriving market. Our focus on residential investment properties ensures you have the right financing partner to achieve your real estate goals in Brownsville.

Why Choose Us

Choose Wildcat Lending as your hard money lender and experience the difference of working with a reputable and reliable partner. Our commitment to customizing loan terms around your financial situation ensures you get the most suitable financing for your projects. With our fast turnaround times, we can close deals in as little as one week, and for urgent cases, even within hours. Moreover, our simplified application process, which doesn’t require tax returns or employment verifications, makes securing financing hassle-free. Trust Wildcat Lending to be your dedicated partner in Brownsville for all your real estate investment financing needs.

Are you ready to take your real estate investment game to the next level in Brownsville, TX? Apply now with Wildcat Lending, the best hard money lender in the area, and secure your real estate investment loan with ease. Our fast and reasonable real estate loans are tailored to meet your unique needs, allowing you to close deals promptly on investment properties. Don’t miss out on lucrative opportunities – apply today and pave your way to real estate success!