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Wildcat Lending is the #1 source for Real Estate Investor Capital and has big plans to sweep the nation with their Gold Standard of Lending. They offer fast, reasonable, and secure real estate loans that enable clients to close their transactions on time – every time.

Wildcat Lending was established in 2014 by Kai Chandler, Jeremy Rehwald and Bryan Kaminski in Plano, Texas. As investors themselves, the partners experienced first hand the ever-changing rules and regulations and understood that time is money. Realizing there was a market for an efficient hard money lender in the real estate investing community, Wildcat was formed. Wildcat’s financing avoids the time-consuming process and numerous requirements of conventional lenders, allowing their investors to close quickly on residential investment properties. It is their mission to ensure that you have the best possible lending experience from beginning to end.

Wildcat Lending’s loans exceed conventional lending standards because they utilize custom metrics that structure loan terms around individual financial circumstances. The team understands that a quality lender treats each client according to their unique needs and grasps that timing is everything in the real estate investment industry. That is why Wildcat Lending is so successful at issuing hard money loans, bridge loans, mini-perm loans and other private capital loans for such a wide variety of residential real estate investment properties. Founding partner-Kai Chandler stated, “Our rates are not determined by your experience level; we are here to help everyone.”

Wildcat Lending was named in Inc. Magazine’s 5000 list. Which is the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private lending companies. The list represents a look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment-its independent small businesses.

Founding Partner Jeremy Rehwald shared, “The reason I believe the company has had so much success and growth today… The word that comes to mind is performance and execution. We are very consistent on how we perform, our approach, & how we treat people on a daily basis.”

There are many reasons why people depend on hard money loans for their immediate financial needs which can include: to strengthen offers made on real estate for sale if you must act quickly to purchase the property if you want to reinvest equity from existing properties to new properties. Whatever the reason, Wildcat provides short-term loans for both seasoned and new investors and is able to provide competitive loans for fix and flip investors as well as short-term loans for investors who are looking to capitalize and leverage themselves into a position where they are able to expand their investment portfolio.

Kevin Shipman-Chief Lending Officer goes into detail and explains what Wildcat Lending is and how the customers always come first. Shipman explains, “A hard money lender is typically pre-loaning money to investors that are buying properties to fix and flip. The reason it’s called a hard money loan is because we take collateral which is the property the borrower is purchasing.” Shipman continues, “From start to finish, we are there every step of the way to work with our customers. Our customers are always talking to a decision-maker when they call. We emphasize and are true to our word when we say that we make sure that we close loans on time – every time. “

So, what’s the process like? For borrowers, the three aspects Wildcat considers are:

  • Collateral
  • Reserves
  • Exit strategy

Unlike other lenders, Wildcat’s loans are based on the after repair value (ARV) which can include either purchase price, renovation funds or both depending on the client’s needs. Wildcat’s streamlined process is much more flexible, simpler and easier than any loan you may have applied for before allowing them to fund your loan in less time. So you can spend more time focusing on your project!

Carlo Checri, lead Ohio loan officer shared, “I have been with the company for three years now. The one thing that makes Wildcat Lending the premier lender for investors is… we are able to offer a personalized approach to financing and come to our clients with specific types of offerings when looking at a deal together.” Checri adds, “Whether it be the financing to acquire the property, and/or the renovation, we team up and we are partnering with this individual to accomplish the same goal.”

Wildcat has a variety of resources available to help you determine the loan program for your investment as well as tools to guide you through the loan process such as a simple online application, loan checklists, draw process and request forms at the tips of your fingers aside from your lender walking you through each step beginning to end. What sets Wildcat apart from other lenders is their ability to handle all aspects of your loan in-house, from applicant approval and loan underwriting to inspections and ever the draw process. Wildcat is a one-stop-shop for real estate investors thus saving their clients time and money.”

If you take a hard money loan for investment purposes, it is one of the simplest ways to make money. Wildcat hard money loans can help you quickly obtain your funds, purchase your property, construct/improve your homes or buildings and promptly sell in order to quickly pay off your loan.

We believe the reason Wildcat Lending has had so much success and growth is due to performance and execution as well as their understanding that your goal is to maximize your profit margins. When you’re successful, Wildcat is successful.

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