Aside from the kitchen, master bedroom, and the living room, the bathroom ranks high on the must-review features of a home for any house flipper. If you want to increase your return on investment (ROI) on your next flip and not turn away potential buyers. Remodeling the bathroom is an excellent place to start. According to experts, a dubiously constructed bathroom may ruin your chance of attracting that pefrect buyer. Therefore, to maximize your profits, you need to invest money into a bathroom make-over to take the property’s value a notch higher. We’ve highlighted some bathroom remodling tips for your next fix and flip.

Universal Design Features

A buyer will want to look at the features of the bathroom and how accessible for the whole family. Thus, focus on adding universal design features such as a walk-in shower, or a wheelchair-accessible sink offer an appealing aspect to property shoppers. Most families do whatever they can to ensure that the senior family members age in place, instead of admitting them in an assisted living home. Whatever small improvement you can do to make the bathroom comfortable for everyone, significantly improves the property’s value.

Remodel the Vanity

While most old-fashioned properties have wooden vanities, transforming it to a modernized design adds an aesthetic visual appeal. Embarking on vanity remodeling may mean a considerable splurge of cash: purchasing a new granite countertop, replacing the sink and the faucet, the mirror, among others. Most house hunters are willing to spend on a home that has a bathroom vanity with granite countertops and a favorable height. Therefore, try to have an upgraded vanity without spending too much.

Upgrade the Tub

One of the contemporary bathroom features that most potential property hunters want to see is a curbless shower. Not only do they improve accessibility, but they also help in controlling water usage. One thing you should have at the back of your brain is that whirlpool tubs are becoming less popular. Most property owners complain that they fail often and have high maintenance. Alternatively, you can consider upgrading the shower. It’s cost-effective than a tub, considering a bathtub is used less frequently.

Use Left-Over Tiles from Bigger Make-Overs

Among the popular tile choices for bathroom backsplashes in the construction industry are porcelain and ceramic. Since you want to remain confined to a small budget, find remnant tiles that were not utilized during a bigger construction project. For instance, when a large granite slab undergoes down-sizing to achieve the perfect dimensions, a huge chunk of it remains unused. You can easily acquire these at a discounted price. You only need to find a place where construction has ended, and ask if there are such tiles.


Any home designer who knows everything a flipper should know has an understanding of the extent of transformation a new flooring does to a bathroom. You need to exercise a tinge of creativity with the flooring. There are several choices you may consider porcelain or vinyl style flooring. These can be conjured into a classic-wood style that is both water-resistant and durable. Additionally, you can replace our traditional woollen mat with a radiant-heat carpet beneath the flooring material to further appeal to renters.

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